The eligibility criteria for the Investor Visa have been simplified and the categories of beneficiaries who can apply for the long-term residency have been expanded.

Preferred by tourists, entrepreneurs, and investors alike, Dubai is a diverse, multicultural, and exciting haven for outstanding business opportunities while maintaining a rewarding lifestyle.

Dubai encourages and fosters foreign investment by tailoring a unique investment-driven visa program to legally reside in the UAE, allowing investors to build a secure future for their families as well as their businesses.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For A Dubai Property Investor Visa?

Investor Visa | Ten-year

To apply for a ten-year Residence Visa in Dubai, you must:

  • Invest in public investments of at least AED 10 million
  • The investment may take many forms such as:
  • A deposit of at least AED 10 million in an investment fund inside the country
  • Establishing a company in the UAE with a capital of AED 10 million or more
  • Partnering in an existing or a new company with a share value of more than AED 10 million
  • Having a total investment of more than AED 10 million in all areas mentioned above, provided the investment in non-real estate sectors is not less than 60 per cent of the total investment

The long-term visa can include the applicant’s spouse and children. One executive director and one advisor can also be included on the visa. Investors from abroad may apply for a multiple-entry permit for six months.

Investor Visa | Five-year

To be eligible for a five-year visa, you must invest in a property in Dubai.

Granting a visa is subject to the following conditions:

  • The investment property must have a value of AED 2 million or more
  • In case the property is mortgaged, at least 2 Million of property value must be paid to the bank
  • The property must be retained for at least 3 Years

Investor Visa | Three-year

The Dubai Land Department issues this visa for those who have invested in a property in Dubai valued at over AED 750,000. You will be entitled to certain benefits such as being able to apply for a UAE driver’s licence, identity card, and family sponsorship.

To be eligible, you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The property must be valued at 750,000 AED or more
  • In case the property is a mortgage, 50% of the property value or at least 750,000 to be paid to the bank
  • Husband and Wife can share one property and the value of the property is one million AED or more
  • You cannot spend consecutive six months outside the country

What Are The Key Benefits Of A Dubai Property Investor Visa?

  • Warm climate
  • Low taxes
  • No direct personal taxes
  • Excellent investment opportunities
  • High quality of life
  • Business-friendly policies

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